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Top 10 Most Innovative Marketing Strategies of All Time

Top 10 most Innovative Marketing Strategies of All Time

Often, we witness several, out of the world, marketing campaigns that defies all odds to become the most successful ones ever! The key is to push the boundaries, in order to excel in the art of effective story telling. Here we are about to discuss the 10 most creative marketing strategies that will leave you awestruck for sure!

With the evolution of internet, more and more businesses are resorting to online marketing strategies. Hence it would be ideal to hire a social media manager and maintain a constant social media presence. It is recommended to reach your target businesses by means of Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat platform to extend your brand’s outreach. It is in fact the need of the hour as majority of your potential clients are in a look out for the services and products that you offer primarily in digital media right now!!!

Video tutorials are very apt to spread awareness about your brand. Here you must teach the viewers that they never knew before, explain it elaborately and guide them in a holistic manner. As a matter of fact, these detailed comprehensive tutorials are now in high demand online including video streaming platforms like YouTube! Make sure that your tutorial addresses the pain point that your customer faces and comes up with the simplest possible solution to it.

It is absolutely essential these days for any business to have its own blog. Your blog must be highly technical and must stamp authority in the minds of the audience. Even revealing your business secrets won’t hurt you so much, as it is also an effective marketing strategy to attract rich clientele! Also, make sure that you perform a thorough online research before preparing your blog, so that it is not plain and adds some value to the readers.

Any firm that makes use of Search Engine Optimization methodologies the right way, will of course excel on the long run. But bear in mind that there is no shortcut for SEO and you will require a lot of patience to get the desired results. Never ever spam keywords and always prepare content in terms of human perspective and not only focussing on search engines. Additionally, the SEO optimized content must also be engaging, insightful, unique and valuable.

Do you want your business to create a visibility on social media without waiting for a long span of time? There is absolutely no need to leverage the power of social media influencers. It is not necessary to always go for influencers with huge fan base. Even small influencers with a few thousand followers could do wonders to your business if they are from the right niche. The mantra is to spread your message to the right audience and thereby reap a sizable profit from it.

A great lead magnet could indeed go a long way to benefit your organization. Whenever a perfect lead magnet is targeted towards the right audience segment, it leads to incredible results! The format must be identifying the pain points and slowly presenting a viable solution to each of them. A lead magnet can be in the form of a checklist, cheat sheet, e-book, video or any other form of content.

Everybody knows Facebook these days, right from a baby! The main advantage of Facebook is that you can create marketing campaigns in this platform based on specific age, interest, geographic location, relationship status etc. Experts advise firms to primarily focus on pixel- based re-targeting and focus more on conversions rather than merely looking at click traffic. Therefore, it is highly recommended to install Facebook Pixel on your business site on a priority basis.

A professional looking LinkedIn profile could hugely benefit your business indeed. We recommend you to post a video on your company’s LinkedIn page by introducing you and your business, and then link it to your profile summary. No matter how many connections you have on LinkedIn, you must continue posting on it, as it could garner huge attention if any of your posts goes viral at some point of time in the near future! As long as you make effective stories, you can definitely reach your page’s potential reach soon…

Affiliates can fuel your business growth at an incredible pace. But it is pretty difficult to identify the right affiliates actually. Determination and consistent efforts are of paramount importance to say the least. Further, take efforts to start an affiliate program for getting in touch with your possible affiliates, who could assist your marketing efforts constantly.

Email marketing is nothing but setting up automated emails to users who have subscribed to your mailing list. By means of frequent emails, you can develop a personal connection with your subscriber. So, you must be always transparent and genuine in your communication. Try conveying your business journey, customer journey etc… through attractive infographics-oriented newsletters.  Track your email readers who have clicked on your link to visit your business and those who have made your purchase to build a customer base.